April 13, 2011

tie your shoelaces [warning, there will be blood]


Wiki says  It is simply defined in athletics terms as a gait in which at regular points during the running cycle both feet are off the ground.

To trip.

Webster says to catch the foot against something so as to stumble. 

I did both today.

I've been running in the mornings, before work. It's been really nice, especially for Easton. He's just prancing around, smiling at everyone, wagging his tail. Today was an exceptionally good run; I had tons of energy and was extending the distance to 2 miles. 2 miles is a lot to this couch surfer. Then, at .73 miles (thanks mapmyrun.com!) I smiled and waved at a neighbor walking to her car and as she smiled back, I caught my foot on some uneven sidewalk and most definitely stumbled. Stumbled isn't really the right word, I fucking fell. Fell, fell, fell.

I did what any non-runner would do, I used BOTH my hands and BOTH my knees to catch myself and save my face from the floor. And then, I just sat there. Sat and waited until I could even attempt to get up. And all the while, Easton is sitting on me and licking my face and hands, showing his gratitude for coming down to his level to wrestle. Dog hoppin' and tail waggin' all over the place.

And as if sitting on my ass, with blood dripping off my hand, defeat plastered on my face, tears welling up, and a dog pouncing all over me, was not enough, I have the neighbor girl and her mom sitting in their car, staring at me, waiting patiently to make sure I can stand and walk before going about their day. So, I bucked up, stood up, and hobbled away.

I'm thinking I need to work on my gait.



  1. right after "oh, she really did fall... hard" my next thought was "oh no, does this mean she can't do yoga for a few days."
    I'm so selfish.

    Feel better friend!

  2. i got a good chuckle out of this...

  3. oh, so sorry you fell. Hope you heal fast. I must admit... it is a funny story. I can see you now.... waving, smiling, waving.......ouch!

  4. plus side - your bracelet is awesome! ;)