April 20, 2011

birthdays are for dogs

especially this one! 

happy birthday eastie monster. 2 years old and still a pup! 
here's lookin' at you kid. 

and a shout out to his sister, bug! 
celebrating all the way on the other side of the country

for easton's birthday, we did a few special things. we let him stay in his crate all day while we were at work...ahem. then we took him for a long run - which is saying a lot for me, ya know, after my incident, but all was well and i ran the entire 2 miles. (thanks again to mapmyrun.com) and now, we're all back at home, without any new cuts or scrapes. hank is making pasta for dinner and after, we'll enjoy some easter (spring festival? am i pc enough, yet?) chocolate goodies that came in the mail today from my father-in-law! how lucky are we?!? 
note: that is the first time i've ever said/written father-in-law. like!

we love being kids.


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