March 31, 2011

Winter Whimsy

I'm off to NYC tonight. On a jet plane. 

Goodbye sun.  
Hello rain and snow. 
-but don't feel bad for me because even with the rain and snow, I'm all about this shit.  

To commemorate my departure, I took some sunny pictures around the office today.
And now, for your viewing pleasure...

disco sunlight

flowers and bricks. very san diego.

um, water droplets? ah-mazing.

flip flops - not coming with.

Have a sunny weekend, wherever you may be. 

March 24, 2011

Knock, Knock

who's there?
orange, who?
orange you going to invite me in?

a kind of tour of the new place.

~thanks to rebecca for the hand-picked orange. 


March 18, 2011

It's All Happening




maxi skirts, sweaters, hats, sunglasses 


March 11, 2011

will shop for human rights...and cute things

i just bought those two dandies.

This morning, my facebook news feed informed me of  this and I thought - well, I want to be a face of equality! So I clicked on the HRC website , found their shop and bam! - 
in about 10-15 business days, I WILL be another face of equality.

Ain't life grand?

the daily mention: PS22

if there were less of these videos, i'd get more work done. 
dear time, can i go back and start all over again as a music teacher? 

March 9, 2011

little wondrous things

i logged in to pay my online bill today. i was worried because i knew it would be a late payment. but then, that magic little account summary said i had already paid it off last month! wuuuuut??

if that doesn't brighten my day for at least 10 minutes, i don't know what will.

i won't even stop to consider the fact that i am so disorganized that i can't even remember when i don't have bills to pay.


March 2, 2011

antm - boho doppelgänger

another season of antm. cycle 16, love it.

hannah is my current favorite.
she reminds me of analeigh, who incidentally, was my favorite from cycle 11.

i see a pattern here.
messy hair, big eyes, big lips, tall, skinny, boho chic
yep, the me i see in my head...the me in my mirror hasn't quite caught up.

she's working on it though.


just press play