January 6, 2011

a wrinkle and a dream

i woke up late today so jeans were really my only option. you can tell from the mess here that i had to search for said jeans. i have a fun habit of washing ALL my laundry and then never folding it. so my guest bed becomes my closet, piled high with wrinkled clothes. super fun habit.

so jeans with a little belt and sweater was all the effort i could muster. muster - such a great word.

also, that shelf/cupboard thing in the room used to hang in the bathroom. it was a few nights ago when from the living room, we heard scary banging, rumbling sounds - even worse than when my washer is jumping around in there because i've asked too much of it! so we ran in to find the shelf on the floor, sad and upside down. the wall was not happy either. holes everywhere.

hank patched it up today so at some point, the shelf will go back to its proper place. but for now, it serves as a great place for me to throw more clean, unfolded clothing. multi-purpose!

other hank awesomeness....i had a lovely girls night out yesterday (dinner and the theatre!) and on my drive back home, i had dreams of a christmas-tree-free home (yes, we still had it up...yes, i know it's january 6th) and ahh, when i walked in and saw it gone and in its place, a clean, vacuumed floor...such happiness and delight! oh, the good things in life.

enjoy your friday!


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