January 3, 2011

prisms and promises

since i stayed in my pajamas all weekend, i wanted to deliver on my promise to wear a dress on january 1st to make up for my lost first day of december. so i did just that today. i don't love to get up and go to work, especially on mondays, but it is nice to have a reason to get dressed each day. if this weekend was any evidence of my true inclinations, i'd be someone who buys these. ...where style meets comfort, mmmm.

so here i am with some new tights from xmas, my favorite pair of lace-ups and as you all know, my most favorite dressember frock.

a little dressuary for meg and ali
blue tights, nine west booties

it was seriously cold today. but cold days can bring colorful surprises...

old town ave exit bridge. 8:30am

i had a lucky moment, no other cars were on the road and i was able to stop and take a decent shot of this cold morning's rainbow. there were actually two a little earlier while i was driving on the freeway.

rainbows for 2011.
i like it.



  1. you're the cutest thing in the whole wide world. just thought you should know.
    can't wait to see a return of dresses -- make that THE dress -- in febru-weddingdress-ary!

  2. congrats on pulling off dressember! also, I may or may not REALLY WANT TO OWN a pair of pajama jeans. if they make my ass look like the ones on the commercial, I'm bout it bout it.