January 26, 2011

mug thoughts and i'm crazy

i bought this little pretty today.
it was on display at ralph's (the grocery store nearest my office) and i had to have it.
it's quite large so one day i'll put a lot of tea in it, or hot chocolate or just chocolate or maybe even a cacao plant with which i will make chocolate.
i mean, you never know where life will take you.

i'm slightly obsessed with hearts.
makes me wonder why i got a tattoo of a star (waaaay back in the day) when i should have inked a perma-heart; they're so much softer and prettier and LOVEly.
i'm pleading temporary insanity by way of an impossibly dull ex-boyfriend. my star tattoo was telling the world, look! look at this! i'm way more symbolic and exciting than him! yep, that's right.

...this entry took a wrong turn. apparently, you never know where blogging will take you.


  1. Let's see who can guess what the reflection in the mug is...
    My guess: A round, chocolate cake with white frosting decorating the rim.

  2. um, hello. it was a mud-cake! or a reflection of my fat ass smeared in cake. i'm not sure. though, the latter sure is inappropriate work attire.

  3. I sometimes think I'm reading my own blog...