January 2, 2011

ladybird links

before i post the last few dresses of 2010, i'd like to present a few dress ideas for the ladybirds in my life.
oh, lucky me.
...and hopefully, helpful me.


lulus - only 4 left!


lulus again - do i like these dresses or this model more?





forever21 - and the red lipstick! i die.

forever21 and the winner of ANTM, cycle 123

this was the hardest exercise for me - how i refrained from buying one freaking dress, i'll never know. i even gave myself a pedicure this morning. i should check my horoscope - maybe my moon is in the savings and simple solar system today. this is so unlike me.



  1. love these dresses... how will I ever choose?

  2. thanks for the lovely choices!

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