January 2, 2011

dear dressember: peace out.

ah, dressember has come to an end. challenging and exciting, creative and sometimes exhausting - i loved the mess of trying to come up with different ways to wear my tiny collection of dresses. so, here they are, the last two dresses of the month.

there is nothing special about this first one. it was the result of no other clean dresses to wear and really wanting to somehow incorporate my new scarf. it brings thoughts of soldiers and Shakespearean players. this dress with those boots needs to never happen again.
see! dressember teaches life lessons!

miss carrie and i, on our last day of dress confinement. oh, how happy we look. believe me, there was some serious pant-under-dress wearing that night. the next photo gives you a slightly better taste of my final dressember look...it's borrowed from my darling mims; i call it the breast dress.

happy new year!


  1. i'm going to miss your dresses! you look so cute in every picture. and the best one is going to be feb 5th!

  2. Welcome to dressuary? I'm a dork... but I just don't want your posts to end!!!

  3. Yay! My taste is impeccable! ;)
    Of course I'm speaking of the Dec 30th scarf...
    Looks good on ya sis!

  4. i feel like we were so young back then. *sigh*