January 26, 2011

tdm: commercials work

this makes me want a kindle. like, bad. 
and i already have a nook. in color! 

mug thoughts and i'm crazy

i bought this little pretty today.
it was on display at ralph's (the grocery store nearest my office) and i had to have it.
it's quite large so one day i'll put a lot of tea in it, or hot chocolate or just chocolate or maybe even a cacao plant with which i will make chocolate.
i mean, you never know where life will take you.

i'm slightly obsessed with hearts.
makes me wonder why i got a tattoo of a star (waaaay back in the day) when i should have inked a perma-heart; they're so much softer and prettier and LOVEly.
i'm pleading temporary insanity by way of an impossibly dull ex-boyfriend. my star tattoo was telling the world, look! look at this! i'm way more symbolic and exciting than him! yep, that's right.

...this entry took a wrong turn. apparently, you never know where blogging will take you.

January 19, 2011

a typical situation

around 9:00pm 

Jamie:  how'd the afternoon at home go?
 me:  not well
i cleaned = good!
 Jamie:  hahaha
 me:  i edited two catalog pages = not good
ive been feeling really shitty
 Jamie:  slacker
 me:  total
 Jamie:  aw
like life shitty?
or sick
you're dealing with loss!
of a house
 me:  i fell asleep and when i was vacuuming, i was all of a sudden in so much pain that i doubled over and sat on the toilet for 30 minutes
half crying
 Jamie:  whaaaa
 me:  and then this fucking kid selling magazines to go on a fake trip to paris knocked on my door
and yes, life shit and sick shit
all of it
 Jamie:  fuck that kid, psh.
couldnt he at least be selling candy?
 me:  yeah i was rude to him and said: im going to stop you right there because there is no way im buying anything from you
i would have bought that
 Jamie:  hahahha
how old was IT?
oh my god
 me:  hahaa
hmmm 17?
maybe 16
Jamie:  oh way easier to say no to
 me:  oh yeah
 Jamie:  than an 8 year or somethingg
 me:  he was annoyingly friendly and kept trying to give me high fives
 Jamie:  haha i can just imagine you
 me:  and i was all sweaty from being in pain and pooping
it was bad
i just went to walmart because i need tampons for my fake period
and i could barely keep my eyes open
im considering calling in sick tomorrow actually
though i probably wont
 Jamie:  well see how you feel in the mroning but if its like that, you should
 Sent at 9:08 PM on Wednesday
 me:  yeah.
 Jamie:  no one wants to catch that from you anyway
 me:  i actually thought...maybe im having a miscarriage
amie:  think you had some bad ham or something? haha
 me:  hahaha
 Jamie:  oh man, i've totally thought i was having a miscarriage before,
 me:  the pain! ahhh
and the blood clots
 Jamie:  yep
and the crying fetus
 me:  i did sit and listen for a second
looked for a spine

we continue talking about fast food and other booshit for another 15 minutes until i decide it's time to walk away from the computer and over to the tv to watch top chef, all stars. i fucking love that show. 

*i apologize if you see some odd formatting here - my gchat is upset and lashing out at me. copy/paste problems can't hold me down gchat! i don't give a fuuuuuuuh.

January 17, 2011

hello lover.

yes, it's very carrie bradshaw of me but i can't help myself.
these booties are my FAVorites right now.
case in point:

January 13, 2011

cleaning up the mess and picking up the broken pieces

step 1:
wash and dry all the clothes in the house

step 2:
fold all the clothes and place in neat piles

step 3:
put them away (the worst part) - i’m saving this one for tomorrow because...

i can only take so much labor after the laborious stress of enduring the end of our house deal. it turned out the house was broken, big time. and after a scary and overwhelming home inspection, we walked away.
at first, with relief and later, with tedium - the process of starting over again, gah!

I keep thinking about this rhyme; not that it particularly applies but it pops into my head over and over.

This is the house that Jack built.

This is the malt

That lay in the house that Jack built.

This is the rat,

That ate the malt

That lay in the house that Jack built.

This is the cat,

That killed the rat,

That ate the malt

That lay in the house that Jack built…

- Mother Goose

So we start again, searching the web, scheduling viewings, trying to imagine ourselves living in the space. It’s no fun, I can tell you that. But it is better than trying to imagine biding more of our time by moving to another rental.

I just hope we can keep things clean in this tiny cottage of ours - at least long enough not to go crazy.


January 6, 2011

a wrinkle and a dream

i woke up late today so jeans were really my only option. you can tell from the mess here that i had to search for said jeans. i have a fun habit of washing ALL my laundry and then never folding it. so my guest bed becomes my closet, piled high with wrinkled clothes. super fun habit.

so jeans with a little belt and sweater was all the effort i could muster. muster - such a great word.

also, that shelf/cupboard thing in the room used to hang in the bathroom. it was a few nights ago when from the living room, we heard scary banging, rumbling sounds - even worse than when my washer is jumping around in there because i've asked too much of it! so we ran in to find the shelf on the floor, sad and upside down. the wall was not happy either. holes everywhere.

hank patched it up today so at some point, the shelf will go back to its proper place. but for now, it serves as a great place for me to throw more clean, unfolded clothing. multi-purpose!

other hank awesomeness....i had a lovely girls night out yesterday (dinner and the theatre!) and on my drive back home, i had dreams of a christmas-tree-free home (yes, we still had it up...yes, i know it's january 6th) and ahh, when i walked in and saw it gone and in its place, a clean, vacuumed floor...such happiness and delight! oh, the good things in life.

enjoy your friday!


keep on

i wore jeans yesterday and was not happy about it. 
after an entire month of dresses, i felt boring and dull and well, under dressed. 
so i tried to up the ante today and wear a skirt, made of tulle.
and then, as it turned out, i wore a feather headband too! 


January 3, 2011

prisms and promises

since i stayed in my pajamas all weekend, i wanted to deliver on my promise to wear a dress on january 1st to make up for my lost first day of december. so i did just that today. i don't love to get up and go to work, especially on mondays, but it is nice to have a reason to get dressed each day. if this weekend was any evidence of my true inclinations, i'd be someone who buys these. ...where style meets comfort, mmmm.

so here i am with some new tights from xmas, my favorite pair of lace-ups and as you all know, my most favorite dressember frock.

a little dressuary for meg and ali
blue tights, nine west booties

it was seriously cold today. but cold days can bring colorful surprises...

old town ave exit bridge. 8:30am

i had a lucky moment, no other cars were on the road and i was able to stop and take a decent shot of this cold morning's rainbow. there were actually two a little earlier while i was driving on the freeway.

rainbows for 2011.
i like it.


January 2, 2011

dear dressember: peace out.

ah, dressember has come to an end. challenging and exciting, creative and sometimes exhausting - i loved the mess of trying to come up with different ways to wear my tiny collection of dresses. so, here they are, the last two dresses of the month.

there is nothing special about this first one. it was the result of no other clean dresses to wear and really wanting to somehow incorporate my new scarf. it brings thoughts of soldiers and Shakespearean players. this dress with those boots needs to never happen again.
see! dressember teaches life lessons!

miss carrie and i, on our last day of dress confinement. oh, how happy we look. believe me, there was some serious pant-under-dress wearing that night. the next photo gives you a slightly better taste of my final dressember look...it's borrowed from my darling mims; i call it the breast dress.

happy new year!

ladybird links

before i post the last few dresses of 2010, i'd like to present a few dress ideas for the ladybirds in my life.
oh, lucky me.
...and hopefully, helpful me.


lulus - only 4 left!


lulus again - do i like these dresses or this model more?





forever21 - and the red lipstick! i die.

forever21 and the winner of ANTM, cycle 123

this was the hardest exercise for me - how i refrained from buying one freaking dress, i'll never know. i even gave myself a pedicure this morning. i should check my horoscope - maybe my moon is in the savings and simple solar system today. this is so unlike me.