December 14, 2010

where the sun don't shine

here is today's dressember suit. yet another dress from the $15 dollar online store and a black mesh (mesh?) top from high school. the boots i snagged at nordstrom rack (wow, am i consistent), they're nine west.

i'm off to the cold coast tomorrow morning and i've been washing clothes and packing all night. very tired. i've packed all dresses and one pair of jeans, just in case. jeans under dress, i can dig it.

dresses galore!

i've made a the very difficult decision not to bring my mac with me on this work trip. eek! i can't use it to log into our work server anyway and i'm kind of excited about the idea of getting by with just a book, crappy hotel tv and my trusty iphone.

as such, all this week's pictures and blog entries will be via phone. i even downloaded my new blogpress app! all set to rough it in the dirty jersey. that's where i'll be, where it's 26 degrees. yep.

get jealous.

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