December 12, 2010

Weekend Ketchup

after work on friday, the 10th, i drove home, ate an already prepared dinner (per le hank) of a tuna sandwich and goldfish, just as i had requested; jumped into the car and got lost on our way to a bar in poway. i had a "gig" that night and was exhausted so i had 2 red bull/vodkas, soaked in some good energy from some great friends and sang from 8:30pm until 11pm. Nuts. I'd say it was our best performance though, so i was a happy gal.

i also loved my dressember digs that day. i lurrrve a short dress and tights. i've even prepared a close up for you!

on saturday, i had my office holiday party down in mission hills so heels were a must. 

i've had that jacket since at least 2006 and that dress i got online at a discount store for $15. the necklace though, i got for my wedding. i didn't end up wearing it but i so love all the fun details and was very happy to make it work for such a festive event.

check it.

ah, sunday. the end of my favorite part of the week. oh, how i live for the weekend.

i had a lovely baby shower to attend this morning, for a lovely mommy-to-be. it's a girl allison, i know it! and seriously, how freaking hot was it today?! i think iphone said it got up to 87 degrees. 87. december 12th. yeah.

i wore boots with today's dress because i refused to believe the heat but you better believe i tore them off as soon as i got home.

we got our tree today and i decorated barefoot with the door wide open to bring in as much cool wind as possible.

barefoot, christmas tree, wine.
not too shabby.

sad little lonely present.


  1. You are GORGEOUS! I am loving these posts and wishing I wasn't huge and pregnant so I could recreate some. Note to self... bookmark your blog for a later date when the baby weight is (crossing fingers) just melting away. :) XOXO

  2. Makes me miss you so much and actually getting really sad you're not going to be there on Wednesday. :( I love you, pretty lady.

    p.s. you are getting skinnier and skinnier and it's the holidays so i don't get how you are doing it.

    p.p.s. invite us to your next gig, por favor.