December 5, 2010

tomorrow = sunday and the big news!

as you may have noticed, i like to use the term “tomorrow” loosely and for that, i apologize. friday was a little busier than expected and i just could not make my way to a computer.

but here i am, at 8:24pm on sunday night to tell you about that aforementioned, life-changing, fabulously important news.

it’s dressember ya’ll!

click here to learn all about it from blythe, the o.g.

and that means every single day of december, i will be wearing a dress. yes, i’ll repeat a lot and there will be many accessories involved but i’m all dresses, all the time.
no skirts, no jeans (gasp!), no panties.

just kidding!

but cereal guys, it’s pretty neat. and you all know i love a good challenge.

[note: i will admit that i wore jeans on dec. 1st - this is simply because i didn’t know it was december. i almost shat something when my boss told me, in a meeting, while i was writing down action items and ya know, the date. to make up for it, i’ll be wearing a dress on the first day of 2011 folks, you know it. ]

so as part of the fun and for proof, should i need it in any future legal matters, i’m posting pictures of the madness.

check it!


  1. Wow, you are so well-rounded! She works, she bakes, she dresses up on Saturday's to eat clementines, she's in a band.

    It's all so wonderful. I love that this has given you a reason to blog again/more!

  2. first- it is about damn time you update your blog. i check weekly.

    second- dec. 2nd, does not look like a dress. i will need to see this one in person to be sure :)

  3. haha! really short shirt dresses count! right? :) i actually think i shrunk it in the dryer and never really wear it anymore. i even had to cover it up with a jacket and a scarf - really because it's pretty ugly.