December 21, 2010

recycle much?

this is my most recycled dressember dress.
i love the pattern and the flow.

it hasn't stopped raining here. my commute is quite the disturbing hour, i tell ya.
so to stay warm, i paired my most favorite dress with corduroys and hunter boots. layer, layer, layer.

stats: jacket (anthropologie), watch (lucky)
..all else are second hand finds

not sure where i got this either. 

um, did you know christmas is in 4 days? 
fellow dressember pal, carrie d. reminded me of that today. 
i wonder if hank is expecting a gift...i should really get on that. 
i mean, him. 
i mean...that.

1 comment:

  1. well, I think if you get on him, you'd cover that whole getting him a gift dilemma. just sayin.