December 9, 2010

recalling the past and planning for the future

easton loves a good cameo

i've noticed how the other dressember participants list where they bought what they're wearing, a common practice on any fashion focused blog. i honestly tried to remember where i got ANY of these items and was only able to come up with an answer for the shoes. so that's all i can offer. 

dec 8th - boots: born via nordstrom rack
dec 9th - boots: steve madden 

i do know, however, that i've had both the blazer and sweater for at least 7 years. both are items that will work forever - never throw those away kids. 
other examples to keep and grow old with: a great pair of jeans. mmm. 
aren't clothes just the best?!

i did my first load of dress laundry tonight. 
my clothes were mixed in with hank's but my pile was much smaller. it's inspiring me to try and work with less overall. if i can recycle dresses often, can't i do the same with jeans, tops, skirts? very exciting and a good reason to spend on quality pieces that you can wear a lot and for a long time. 

i'll have to take inventory of my closet and see how i can make that happen. ah, plans. 

speaking of plans, we're house hunting again. 
the ultimate scary plan for me. planning on living in the same place for years, planning on making enough money to pay the mortgage for years, planning on planning. 

i do admit though, that i cannot stop placing furniture in the houses we see, choosing flooring, decorating, painting...all in my head.

posted, i will keep you. 


  1. we're house hunting too! scaaary stuff I tell you! choosing the boy was so easy, choosing the crib (non baby kind) is so difficult!

  2. I did my first load of "dress" laundry last night too. As it turns out, there were only 2 dresses in there. So I guess I just did regular laundry. ha.

  3. December 8th = super skinny.

    I miss you. Let's do coffee next week? Wait - when do you leave? When are you back? When are you coming to cuddle with me on the couch with a glass of wine?