December 2, 2010

photo catch-up, part deux

look at me! i'm blogging again.
yep, that's right. all married and ready to blog again. yeeaaah.

{30 seconds of resting fingers on keyboard in pause}

i'm starting to feel the pressure to be interesting...ok, maybe i'll wait until tomorrow, earlier in the day, when my head is clearer. besides, i have something really important and life-changing to highlight tomorrow. So yeah, get ready for that!

to make this jaunt out to vickichristine worth it, i give you photo catch-up, part deux
(clearly, i title my posts last)

we took engagement pictures and forgot we weren't models

we were thankful for obstructive props

we went to a few concerts and were really excited about it

i interject this lovely trip down memory lane because i just came across the pictures from my bridal shower and well, not much is sexier than this:

oh and it continues...
i promise hank, you as a professional athlete is not this funny

the fact that i married a man who listed that as his best quality, however...
a bike ride, no. a double chin, no doubt.
and just to beef up the beauty factor...
oh don't you wish you had such a funny box. wait, what?

yeah, i think that's a good place to stop.



  1. YOu are hilarious! And I think your engagement shots look very model like. :)

  2. oh, i hadn't seen the pics from your shower! someone did a great job catching all your faces. haha. what a fun day! i love you, my beautiful vic. still sad you're not making to to bunco this month :(

  3. You didn't post on Friday... what is this life changing news I wonder?!?

  4. thanks meg! and al, you should see the other 400 faces captured. it's eye opening for me. i should work on stoic.