December 15, 2010

I'm fancy

11:00 EST
In my hotel bed, showered and cozy in my warm hotel room, watching "property virgins" on hgtv, blogging on my iphone.

It was a little warmer today at 30 degrees. I love loved it.

Had my customary dunkin donuts coffee (french vanilla, light and sweet. thanks hank) and sat in a work meeting from 9:30am to 6:30pm. Ha! Good news is that it was really interesting and productive. But since we can all agree that work talk is basically pretty boring, let's get to the goods.

Today's photo was taken just as I was about to walk outside for dinner so I'm all bundled up.

dec. 15th

Coat is from urban outfitters, that's all the info I have to offer on this one.

And since I feel like a big tease showing dresses concealed under layers of warmth, I took a super sophisticated and undeniably classy photo in my hotel bathroom. Yep.

I give you, my balancing act along the edge of an old bathtub in front of the only mirror in this $56 a night room. Again, get jealous people.

Wait, dimly lit, bathroom self portrait...myspace anyone?


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  1. This green dress might be my favorite so far. But I can't wait for the brown one! :)