December 7, 2010

honest scales and sneaky frocks

my scale says i've gained 3 lb. in the last 2 weeks. clearly, i have no one to blame but costco.
were it not for their irresistible, oversized boxes of goldfish and smartly priced ginger ale in bulk, well, i'd be at least 3 lb. lighter.

hopefully my extra 3 were concealed by the madness of dressember. come to think of it, this challenge is dangerous. all these fun, flowy dresses, allowing my body to flow right along with them.

does anyone have any spandex dresses i can borrow?

pine cone, anyone?
hank at bball = self portrait time


  1. I was JUST wondering when your FAB photo shoots occur...then I scrolled down. Dec 7th, thank you. ha, love.