December 26, 2010

dress me up, santa claus

oh happy holidays.

happy family.
happy weekend.
happy tree.
happy gifts.
happy food and drink.
happy naps in the middle of the day.
happy dresses!

i'm loving the mixed pattern look. stipes + anything = snazzy.

easton was a statue for christmas. here he is, practicing.

here comes the sun.
soo happy to see sunshine on christmas eve morning. i chose to forgo (seriously, that's how you spell it) the tights and socks and embrace the weather. that was, until about 5pm that night. good thing i keep an extra pair of tights in my bag these days.
i also keep bobby pins and chocolate in there. fyi.

holiday hair in the face.

sun = skin

i cleaned the crap out of my house on christmas eve. it was warm and cozy and all set to be massacred by the craziness of gifts and wrapping paper come christmas day. it's still messy - we're trying to stretch that christmas morning feeling. or we're just lazy.

before the chaos - note: there is no after picture, don't get your hopes up.

lauren, i'd like to see you eat that. 

come christmas day and black was my color of choice. i like to balance out the cheer during the holidays. 

thanks for the scarf, brother.

and because this dress is just so damn versatile...

belts and pendants fill my soul.

what do we think about the x-large photos? too extra?

hope your holidays were super sizzlin'.


  1. loving the extra large photos, and especially loving that fab belt! btw, I totes got a pair of brown/tan-ish riding boots for christmas. santa loves me.

  2. you did!?! that santa guy knows his shit. I'll be expecting a photo sometime soon. thanks for the extra large encouragement! go big or like, don't go.

  3. December 26th....what an outfit! Can I borrow?? ;)