December 21, 2010

5 days, seriously?

we got lost somewhere.

let me take you back, to last thursday...

it snowed that day in new jersey; it was lovely.
lovely enough to warrant more bathroom shots!

 i love these tights 

friday was milder and luckily so! i spent the entire day in the warehouse counting inventory. warehouses are not warm and cozy. 
i have no pics from the day but after the long flight back west and the long drive back north, i took a sleepy photo. it was the first day i wore jeans under my dress. i'm actually surprised it took that long.

saturday calls for a double dose of dress basically because anthropolgie might be the best backdrop for any dressember photo. this was my daytime gear; first dress i grabbed, first top i threw over. 
i happy with the way it turned out. 

all rested up and xmas shopped out, hank and i got ready for a martini party my sister was throwing. we were instructed to come with the fixings for our favorite martini for a friendly competition.

we brought the "swedish fish" martini and what do you know...we won first place! candy is king. 

sunday. slow day.
rainy, sleepy, comfy.
he only loves me for my popcorn

monday. serious case of them.
i don't know how to dress in the rain, with no clean clothes. i apologize for the complete of this get-up. black dress, black leggings, gray tee, gray sweater and black hunter boots.
man, that's bleak.

i think this post is sufficiently long and photo heavy.
goodnight! it's still dark, it counts. 



  1. I think you're doing exceptionally well with this whole Dressemeber thing... there's no way I'd be able to pull it off. also - the cognac boots... where'd you get them?

  2. thanks mandee! it's quite a challenge and it is no lie that i can't wait til the end! haha boots are born. i got them at nordstrom rack last christmas...i bet they still make very similar versions. one word. zappos.