December 29, 2010

homeless chic

3 steps to achieving this look

step 1
wear a beanie with your dress

step 2
throw a tee over your dress
step 3
throw a matching sweater over your tee. e voila!

not to be confused with boho chic. 
don't do trendy, do homeless. 

is this post insensitive?


christmas is funny! and super late.

 i realize i'm about 5 years and 6 days late to the party BUT....

stop whatever you're doing and listen to this.
it's totally worth it, i promise.

December 28, 2010

dwindling interest

i'm giving myself a big fat ZERO for creativity these last few days.
monday even brought me to uggs. uggs!

speaking of uggs, i got the fabulous, short, chestnut pair for xmas - just what i wanted, mammy! maybe i'll even wear them tomorrow...and the next day, and the next. right up until jan. 1st.

and today, while i know it looks like i just wore this dress (see prior post), i swear, it's been almost a whole week! i even washed it! ah, the accomplishments.

do my legs look broken or is it just me?

December 26, 2010

dress me up, santa claus

oh happy holidays.

happy family.
happy weekend.
happy tree.
happy gifts.
happy food and drink.
happy naps in the middle of the day.
happy dresses!

i'm loving the mixed pattern look. stipes + anything = snazzy.

easton was a statue for christmas. here he is, practicing.

here comes the sun.
soo happy to see sunshine on christmas eve morning. i chose to forgo (seriously, that's how you spell it) the tights and socks and embrace the weather. that was, until about 5pm that night. good thing i keep an extra pair of tights in my bag these days.
i also keep bobby pins and chocolate in there. fyi.

holiday hair in the face.

sun = skin

i cleaned the crap out of my house on christmas eve. it was warm and cozy and all set to be massacred by the craziness of gifts and wrapping paper come christmas day. it's still messy - we're trying to stretch that christmas morning feeling. or we're just lazy.

before the chaos - note: there is no after picture, don't get your hopes up.

lauren, i'd like to see you eat that. 

come christmas day and black was my color of choice. i like to balance out the cheer during the holidays. 

thanks for the scarf, brother.

and because this dress is just so damn versatile...

belts and pendants fill my soul.

what do we think about the x-large photos? too extra?

hope your holidays were super sizzlin'.

December 21, 2010

recycle much?

this is my most recycled dressember dress.
i love the pattern and the flow.

it hasn't stopped raining here. my commute is quite the disturbing hour, i tell ya.
so to stay warm, i paired my most favorite dress with corduroys and hunter boots. layer, layer, layer.

stats: jacket (anthropologie), watch (lucky)
..all else are second hand finds

not sure where i got this either. 

um, did you know christmas is in 4 days? 
fellow dressember pal, carrie d. reminded me of that today. 
i wonder if hank is expecting a gift...i should really get on that. 
i mean, him. 
i mean...that.

leaping. big time.

today, this is just a photo (painting?) of a house.

in 30 days, it will be (provided all goes as hoped/planned) our first home!
as in, married. homeowner. family. house

holy frazzle cake.

5 days, seriously?

we got lost somewhere.

let me take you back, to last thursday...

it snowed that day in new jersey; it was lovely.
lovely enough to warrant more bathroom shots!

 i love these tights 

friday was milder and luckily so! i spent the entire day in the warehouse counting inventory. warehouses are not warm and cozy. 
i have no pics from the day but after the long flight back west and the long drive back north, i took a sleepy photo. it was the first day i wore jeans under my dress. i'm actually surprised it took that long.

saturday calls for a double dose of dress basically because anthropolgie might be the best backdrop for any dressember photo. this was my daytime gear; first dress i grabbed, first top i threw over. 
i happy with the way it turned out. 

all rested up and xmas shopped out, hank and i got ready for a martini party my sister was throwing. we were instructed to come with the fixings for our favorite martini for a friendly competition.

we brought the "swedish fish" martini and what do you know...we won first place! candy is king. 

sunday. slow day.
rainy, sleepy, comfy.
he only loves me for my popcorn

monday. serious case of them.
i don't know how to dress in the rain, with no clean clothes. i apologize for the complete of this get-up. black dress, black leggings, gray tee, gray sweater and black hunter boots.
man, that's bleak.

i think this post is sufficiently long and photo heavy.
goodnight! it's still dark, it counts. 


December 15, 2010

I'm fancy

11:00 EST
In my hotel bed, showered and cozy in my warm hotel room, watching "property virgins" on hgtv, blogging on my iphone.

It was a little warmer today at 30 degrees. I love loved it.

Had my customary dunkin donuts coffee (french vanilla, light and sweet. thanks hank) and sat in a work meeting from 9:30am to 6:30pm. Ha! Good news is that it was really interesting and productive. But since we can all agree that work talk is basically pretty boring, let's get to the goods.

Today's photo was taken just as I was about to walk outside for dinner so I'm all bundled up.

dec. 15th

Coat is from urban outfitters, that's all the info I have to offer on this one.

And since I feel like a big tease showing dresses concealed under layers of warmth, I took a super sophisticated and undeniably classy photo in my hotel bathroom. Yep.

I give you, my balancing act along the edge of an old bathtub in front of the only mirror in this $56 a night room. Again, get jealous people.

Wait, dimly lit, bathroom self portrait...myspace anyone?


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December 14, 2010

Fly me to the north pole?

I'm not going to lie, this picture is pretty rough. It's post 5 hour flight from SD to Philadelphia. I'm waiting to get my baggage here.

I am indeed wearing a black dress with sweater tee over, all in prep for the 26 degrees just outside the airport. It's chilly and brisk but I kinda love it. So far.

dec. 14th

Does this angle make my head look disproportionally large or did that plane ride just turn me into an elf?


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where the sun don't shine

here is today's dressember suit. yet another dress from the $15 dollar online store and a black mesh (mesh?) top from high school. the boots i snagged at nordstrom rack (wow, am i consistent), they're nine west.

i'm off to the cold coast tomorrow morning and i've been washing clothes and packing all night. very tired. i've packed all dresses and one pair of jeans, just in case. jeans under dress, i can dig it.

dresses galore!

i've made a the very difficult decision not to bring my mac with me on this work trip. eek! i can't use it to log into our work server anyway and i'm kind of excited about the idea of getting by with just a book, crappy hotel tv and my trusty iphone.

as such, all this week's pictures and blog entries will be via phone. i even downloaded my new blogpress app! all set to rough it in the dirty jersey. that's where i'll be, where it's 26 degrees. yep.

get jealous.

December 12, 2010

Weekend Ketchup

after work on friday, the 10th, i drove home, ate an already prepared dinner (per le hank) of a tuna sandwich and goldfish, just as i had requested; jumped into the car and got lost on our way to a bar in poway. i had a "gig" that night and was exhausted so i had 2 red bull/vodkas, soaked in some good energy from some great friends and sang from 8:30pm until 11pm. Nuts. I'd say it was our best performance though, so i was a happy gal.

i also loved my dressember digs that day. i lurrrve a short dress and tights. i've even prepared a close up for you!

on saturday, i had my office holiday party down in mission hills so heels were a must. 

i've had that jacket since at least 2006 and that dress i got online at a discount store for $15. the necklace though, i got for my wedding. i didn't end up wearing it but i so love all the fun details and was very happy to make it work for such a festive event.

check it.

ah, sunday. the end of my favorite part of the week. oh, how i live for the weekend.

i had a lovely baby shower to attend this morning, for a lovely mommy-to-be. it's a girl allison, i know it! and seriously, how freaking hot was it today?! i think iphone said it got up to 87 degrees. 87. december 12th. yeah.

i wore boots with today's dress because i refused to believe the heat but you better believe i tore them off as soon as i got home.

we got our tree today and i decorated barefoot with the door wide open to bring in as much cool wind as possible.

barefoot, christmas tree, wine.
not too shabby.

sad little lonely present.

December 9, 2010

recalling the past and planning for the future

easton loves a good cameo

i've noticed how the other dressember participants list where they bought what they're wearing, a common practice on any fashion focused blog. i honestly tried to remember where i got ANY of these items and was only able to come up with an answer for the shoes. so that's all i can offer. 

dec 8th - boots: born via nordstrom rack
dec 9th - boots: steve madden 

i do know, however, that i've had both the blazer and sweater for at least 7 years. both are items that will work forever - never throw those away kids. 
other examples to keep and grow old with: a great pair of jeans. mmm. 
aren't clothes just the best?!

i did my first load of dress laundry tonight. 
my clothes were mixed in with hank's but my pile was much smaller. it's inspiring me to try and work with less overall. if i can recycle dresses often, can't i do the same with jeans, tops, skirts? very exciting and a good reason to spend on quality pieces that you can wear a lot and for a long time. 

i'll have to take inventory of my closet and see how i can make that happen. ah, plans. 

speaking of plans, we're house hunting again. 
the ultimate scary plan for me. planning on living in the same place for years, planning on making enough money to pay the mortgage for years, planning on planning. 

i do admit though, that i cannot stop placing furniture in the houses we see, choosing flooring, decorating, painting...all in my head.

posted, i will keep you. 

the daily mention, back with black.

lurve it.

December 7, 2010

honest scales and sneaky frocks

my scale says i've gained 3 lb. in the last 2 weeks. clearly, i have no one to blame but costco.
were it not for their irresistible, oversized boxes of goldfish and smartly priced ginger ale in bulk, well, i'd be at least 3 lb. lighter.

hopefully my extra 3 were concealed by the madness of dressember. come to think of it, this challenge is dangerous. all these fun, flowy dresses, allowing my body to flow right along with them.

does anyone have any spandex dresses i can borrow?

pine cone, anyone?
hank at bball = self portrait time

December 5, 2010

tomorrow = sunday and the big news!

as you may have noticed, i like to use the term “tomorrow” loosely and for that, i apologize. friday was a little busier than expected and i just could not make my way to a computer.

but here i am, at 8:24pm on sunday night to tell you about that aforementioned, life-changing, fabulously important news.

it’s dressember ya’ll!

click here to learn all about it from blythe, the o.g.

and that means every single day of december, i will be wearing a dress. yes, i’ll repeat a lot and there will be many accessories involved but i’m all dresses, all the time.
no skirts, no jeans (gasp!), no panties.

just kidding!

but cereal guys, it’s pretty neat. and you all know i love a good challenge.

[note: i will admit that i wore jeans on dec. 1st - this is simply because i didn’t know it was december. i almost shat something when my boss told me, in a meeting, while i was writing down action items and ya know, the date. to make up for it, i’ll be wearing a dress on the first day of 2011 folks, you know it. ]

so as part of the fun and for proof, should i need it in any future legal matters, i’m posting pictures of the madness.

check it!

December 2, 2010

photo catch-up, part deux

look at me! i'm blogging again.
yep, that's right. all married and ready to blog again. yeeaaah.

{30 seconds of resting fingers on keyboard in pause}

i'm starting to feel the pressure to be interesting...ok, maybe i'll wait until tomorrow, earlier in the day, when my head is clearer. besides, i have something really important and life-changing to highlight tomorrow. So yeah, get ready for that!

to make this jaunt out to vickichristine worth it, i give you photo catch-up, part deux
(clearly, i title my posts last)

we took engagement pictures and forgot we weren't models

we were thankful for obstructive props

we went to a few concerts and were really excited about it

i interject this lovely trip down memory lane because i just came across the pictures from my bridal shower and well, not much is sexier than this:

oh and it continues...
i promise hank, you as a professional athlete is not this funny

the fact that i married a man who listed that as his best quality, however...
a bike ride, no. a double chin, no doubt.
and just to beef up the beauty factor...
oh don't you wish you had such a funny box. wait, what?

yeah, i think that's a good place to stop.