August 18, 2010

photo catch-up

because it's 1:14 in the morning and i have very little to say,
i'll let iphoto do most of the talking.

in closing, 
wedding dress shopping
ricki and vicki 
girls in vegas, rawr.
bling blangin'
easton's first...and last (!!, grrr) emergency room visit
wonky easton eye - get this thing off me!
bunco wine tastings
party bus faces
le bachelorette and her maid of honor
double fisting, clearly.
penis cake. 



  1. love love love it!!!!
    every photo is just gorgeous (minus the penis cake, which was awesome, but not gorgeous). can't wait for the next round :)

    p.s. I wore the same bachelorette crown. we're kindred internet bachelorette spirits.

  2. saraaaaaah! i miss your autobiographies very much and i want to pound on that fakey faker. can you please come out to san diego soooon?? you know there's a little charlie who can very convincing...

    kindred spirits = kinrits = us. xo

  3. i love your ring..looks's gorgeous! why are the pubes on your weiner cake so spikey & scary? haha!

  4. thanks jess! it is vintage, from the 20s - i wanted something old and worn in. :) those pubes were a little frightening - he didn't shave. tsk, tsk.