May 27, 2010

the day the pescetarian died

I ate chicken today.

It has been 341 days since I've eaten any meat of the chicken, beef or pork varieties.

Following the master cleanse of June 2009, I was inspired to challenge my habits even further and eliminate a good chunk of animal products from my diet. Most people did not understand this and maybe I didn't either but something about the challenge was very attractive. I've been eating one way my entire life, what will happen if I change it up? …drastically.

Overall…nothing. At least not in my case.

I didn't lose weight, I didn't feel great, my skin didn't improve, my energy didn't soar; it was, in the end, quite uneventful. In fact, the biggest change to my life was the incessant questioning. If I were ever to make a change like this again, I probably wouldn't tell anyone. The constant inquiries on why and how were definitely my biggest challenge. And not to my diet but to my character. Because when most of the time, I wanted to respond in a slightly less kinder way, I usually tended toward: "just trying something out" flashing a genuine smile. This didn't always work but it was still nicer than telling them to mind their own goddamn business and just get over it.

I will admit that in the beginning I did feel better and lighter. But so many changes were taking place that many a thing could have caused that. And now, almost a year later, I have not taken note of any significant improvements and so, I am ending the madness.

I will probably continue on in life without the beef and pork because I love the moos and the piglets just too much. If I don't have a pig as a pet later in life, something has gone terribly wrong. Take note future me!

And with this delicious chicken taquito in my hand, I say: You don't need a reason to change things up! If we don't ever challenge ourselves, how will we know what we're capable of?