April 22, 2010

rain on me, earth day.

oh rain.

I love you when at home, under a blanket, sitting fireside. I love you when on vacation, wearing  Hunter boots, stomping my way through a field. I love you when I am drinking a big cup of coffee (decaf, ahem) on a Sunday morning.

I, however, regrettably, do not love you on Interstate 15 South. I probably do not love you on any Southern California freeway. You make all us sunny people flip our shit, in turn making my commute semi-unbearable. [semi, I say - thank you audio book.]

It's days like these that make me second guess purchasing a home in North County - a good 40 miles away from the office.  Did I mention I'm in the process of purchasing a home? We'll see just how long this process proves to be.

Welp, today is Earth Day. So, rain - I do love thee, for you are part of this earth, so beautiful and lovely. Today, I will eat like a superhero vegan and maybe even work out a bit. I'll pick up my dog's shit and smell the flowers. I will stand in the sun with my eyes closed and take a deep breath. I will use my Chico bag at the store and skip to my car.

Enjoy the day all! 
Mother Earth, we lub you.