April 5, 2010

earthquakes and easter eggs

for me, easter is about spending time with family, eating lots of food and watching little kids run around like crazy looking for hidden eggs. i’m sure many of you have similar experiences and memories.

something not as ubiquitous might be the type of eggs my little cousins (and big cousins! adult easter egg hunts are pretty fantastic around here) are looking for. yes, there may be a few hard boiled eggs - does anyone actually eat those!?!- and possibly even a few plastic gems filled with candy and coins. ah, but the golden geese, the must find eggs are those that are filled with confetti.

i’m hesitant to say that this is something entirely foreign to the masses as my aunt and mother both purchased some at wal-mart this year {meh} but i think i’m not too far off in guessing many of you have no clue what im talking about.

eggs with confetti? wtf.

every easter i can remember brought with it the undying fun and play of confetti eggs. the time we take to poke a hole on the bottom, poke a hole on the top (slightly larger) and blow the contents out, emptying the egg completely. we let them dry and later fill them with confetti, some of which we even cut up ourselves from crepe streamer paper. we sealed them with a damp square of colored crepe paper and presto! confetti egg for you!

now, what to dooo with them? ah, well, therein lies the joy of it all.

once you find these eggs, you hoard them, hide them, covet them. and just when the person next to you is least expecting it, you CRACK, SLam!, SmaSH! it on their head.  poof! a storm of brightly colored showers all over the place. it’s so great, truly.

people love to do it, to have it done to them and to watch it happen to others. fun for everyone!! {i swear, i’m just talking about confetti egg fun}

also fun for everyone...photos!

while i'm not entirely sure i'm correct in saying this, i'm taking a chance and thanking my mexican stars for this awesomely awesome family tradition.

oh yeah, earthquakes. 
there was a big one in mexicali/calexico {i JUST realized the cleverness of this city naming. hi, i’m dum} on easter. i was a little north so didn’t feel much. for those who did, hope the boat rocking was the good kind and not the bad. wee! 


  1. I used to eat the hard boiled eggs. They were usually slightly purple or blue or green. mmm

    I love the confetti! You Mexicans have all the fun! :)

  2. Love this blog Vic! You said it.. confetti eggs are the best! Fun, Fun Fun! Until next year...