March 1, 2010

so this is a case of mondays, huh?

today is SO one of those days. those days where NOTHING goes right, where everyone is out to get you and where you'd rather poke your eye out with a flaming hot stick of splintered wood than keep living this life.

oh and let's just expound a little on it, shall we?

exhibit a: got up and felt like someone ran over me with a semi-truck. back all out of motherfuckin' whack.

exhibit b: my appointment to see the ONLY half-decent condo this morning was canceled. so now, I have to wait who knows how long to see it and potentially rent it out. because ya know, I need to move out my mom's garage.
what? you didn't know I lived in my mother's garage!? yeah, add that one to the list.

exhibit c: there was a water main break just off the 15N. ya know, that pretty little freeway I take for at least 45 minutes to work every morning. I came into the office a little late today.

exhibit d: got to work in a shit storm of busy-naasss. there is so much for me to do that my brain might have actually fallen out of my head today and crawled off. crawled off into the corner and hid, crying and biting her nails in terror.

exhibit e: I'm still fat.

and exhibit f: the only…..OH!

fucking balls. I just got ink all over my goddamn sweater.


  1. On the bright side...
    You are enviably gorgeous (whether you believe it or not)
    Monday is nearly over
    and, Bach season finale is tonight. Who will it be, Vienna or Tenley?

  2. thanks meghan - you're right, the bachelor was the best way to relax after this ugly day. can you believe vienna!? and now ali as the new bachelorette...hank called it the second she left for "work" ;)

  3. That was my Monday this week too. Why, why are you so horrible Monday?

  4. You don't look fat in your picture. Where I come from, the men like women to have a bit of meat on them.

  5. Last week was like that for me too. My boss actually pulled me aside to ask me if everything was OK. I wanted to scream, NO I HATE ALLL OF IT! But ya know, apparently that is not OK in an office. So instead I lied and said everything is great. But today I woke up and I felt good and its going to be an awesome week. I can feel it. For you too. I can feel your week! Wait, not like, no no you don't understand, what I meant was... ok I'll leave.