March 24, 2010

on wearing jeans a tad too tight

while getting dressed:

I wonder if I can get into these…
ok, buttoning that was not easy BUT they're on, they make my ass look decent and I can still breathe (kinda)
must find flowy, distracting, attractive top
hmm, if I stand up straight and suck it in, I can totally pull this off
AND if I do these things, I'm basically working out all day!
which will then make me fit into these better because I'll have lost weight from being so active!
…and if they stretch out some throughout the day, it's all good things from there.

driving to work:

goddamn, these are tight.
seriously, something is not right
is this how you get a yeast infection?
unbutton top button.

at work:

forgot top button was undone.
good thing I'm wearing this super flowy, attractive top to hide the evidence

these jeans make me want to eat less, take note.
they also make me wish I had sweatpants on right now.

at home in 2 hours:

thrown on the floor, in an awkward pile after peeling them off
happy body.

you get me, right jess?

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