March 30, 2010

lady friends and why they just plain win.

ever feel more inclined to go home after work, get into your pjs and watch tv till you pass out over going out with your girlfriends for a few drinks and some lovely chitchat? 
yeah, me too.

i am such a lazy bum.

but i think you’ll agree that 60% of the time, every time, choosing your ladies over the tube is so worth it. i took that chance the other evening and thoroughly enjoyed myself. i love just sitting and talking. laughing and sharing. crying and learning.

female relationships are so important. and to those who disagree, those who “only have guy friends”, here are five random yet undeniable reasons you’re completely wrong and may need therapy later in life.

men will never really understand the trauma of bleeding from your crucial parts for days on end, every month. nope, never. the first sight of blood from the peter piece and they’d call their mommies to call the doctor to alert the media to change the health care policy to fix their shit., like yesterday. gurunteeeed.
 men don’t have the attention span of women. they would not be able to sit and talk for hours on end about their feelings. or anything else for that matter.
women ask questions and then actually listen to the answers. men don’t ask questions and if they do, it’s usually to inquire about three things: food, tv or sleep. and your answer better be one sentence or less because they’ve lost interest by now.
men can be cute. this can be distracting.
and finally, the harsh truth that men cannot be friends with women. their brains are wired for sex - sex here! sex there! sex everywhere! and believe me, your best guy friend wants to have sex with you. so when you think he’s listening, asking questions, empathizing with you about your period, hanging onto your every word....nope. he’s just hoping all his hard work will pay off with, well, i think i’ve made my point.


value the women in your life. trust and love them - i promise, it’s worth it.
liz, al, linds, jackie - so fun, thanks!

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