March 28, 2010

getting ready gets the gold

if there’s one thing i’ve learned from my sister it’s how to get out of housework. she is the queen of this sneak play and the rules have always evaded my painstakingly honest inclinations.

im sitting at my desk, in my room, as my mother vacuums and cleans the family room. she is basically cleaning up after my dog and her cat - the two hairiest kids on the planet. and i should be out there, helping. but instead, i’m here - pretending to still be getting ready to go out shopping.

my sister takes the longest showers and takes the longest to get ready. i always thought it was just her way but i’ve come to understand that she is not just extremely indulgent and indecisive (though she may be a little of these things - but really, so am i) it’s that she knows if she keeps changing her mind and taking the time to find the perfect adornments, she doesn’t have to clean the house.

it took me 28 years to learn what my sister learned in 17. i should really start taking notes.

p.s. i'm totally lying about only learning one thing from her...she also taught me how to envy her hair.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah! You both should be c!leaning! I'm retiring. :)