March 10, 2010

forgetful friends, like me.

yesterday was my good friend kelly's birthday. I need to call her soon. because you see, I forgot.

I kept reminding myself all the days before: call the kelly on the 9th, call her on the 9th you crazy, forgetful person!
and of course, yesterday came and went with no call. I worked all day, wrote the date down on numerous documents. but still, I forgot.

I woke up this morning and said aloud: aw, damnit!
so then I thought ok, I'll call her on my way to work. but then I started listening to talk radio and forgot all about it.

either I'm getting old or I've always been like this. I can't remember. oh, ha. um, yeah.

the thing about getting older is that we all start to create our own lives. all of a sudden we're adults and we can't plan our weekends around the sleep over at a friend's house. we find it difficult to even schedule a monthly…YEARLY dinner, brunch, lunch, SOMETHING together. 

I'd like to think that even when so much time passes before we see or talk to one another, we are still those best friends from elementary school, middle school, high school. that the next time we talk, it's like we never left at all.

happy belated kel. 
 rough sketch of us back in high school. 
hands and feet are for the birds.

{must call her. right after I post this…}


  1. Getting old is only in our mind.
    Age never prevented people from doing things:

  2. well, anonymous commenter, excellent point! i guess i've always been that way then. interesting little site there...until you get to 96 and up. See also: who died at 96. haha


  3. Vics. You make me smile. And I totally relate. It's even worse when all of our girls have babies and then you have to try and be super auntie and remember to send cards to the babes on THEIR birthdays. But. let's get real. I'm not super auntie. I have been reminded of this over and over again. Maybe next year?

  4. seriously, meg. we should just start giving out random presents throughout the year and hope we land on the right day! ;)