March 11, 2010

american pile

i hate american idol.

oh, how i hate it so.

lilly just got kicked off in place of that little katie girl who sings like any other choir chick from high school.

the judges give the most ridiculous feedback.

america, seriously?! you just picked the cute little girl over actual talent. 

 hi, i'm lilly and i can sing. 
i can also play instruments. yes, i have talent. 

hi, i'm katie and i'm super cute. 
like a little teddy bear you can squeeze. 
i wear sparkles and pink and weeeee!

i hate you, american idol. 
you and your dumb voters.

the end.


  1. great post.
    Lilly also makes sandwiches. what other talents does katie have... being a high schooler? please, (almost) everyone does that.

  2. Hahaha... I remember feeling the same way when Chris Daughtry was voted off. I was really mad, like I just wanted to go to the bar and drink all night. Also, I was like 14 when that happened.