March 31, 2010

watch this clip, then watch this movie, then mourn this death because the loss is great

jaime escalante died yesterday. 
this is the story that got me out of bed this morning. i sat up in bed and frowned. i feel an inexplicable connection to mr. escalante and i’m quite sad to hear his time here has come to an end.

i don’t know any more about him than what was portrayed in the movie stand and deliver but to me, that’s enough. 

as he said himself, that movie was “90% truth, 10% drama.”

so here’s a bit of one of my favorite movies of all time. 

rest in peace kemo sabe.

March 30, 2010

lady friends and why they just plain win.

ever feel more inclined to go home after work, get into your pjs and watch tv till you pass out over going out with your girlfriends for a few drinks and some lovely chitchat? 
yeah, me too.

i am such a lazy bum.

but i think you’ll agree that 60% of the time, every time, choosing your ladies over the tube is so worth it. i took that chance the other evening and thoroughly enjoyed myself. i love just sitting and talking. laughing and sharing. crying and learning.

female relationships are so important. and to those who disagree, those who “only have guy friends”, here are five random yet undeniable reasons you’re completely wrong and may need therapy later in life.

men will never really understand the trauma of bleeding from your crucial parts for days on end, every month. nope, never. the first sight of blood from the peter piece and they’d call their mommies to call the doctor to alert the media to change the health care policy to fix their shit., like yesterday. gurunteeeed.
 men don’t have the attention span of women. they would not be able to sit and talk for hours on end about their feelings. or anything else for that matter.
women ask questions and then actually listen to the answers. men don’t ask questions and if they do, it’s usually to inquire about three things: food, tv or sleep. and your answer better be one sentence or less because they’ve lost interest by now.
men can be cute. this can be distracting.
and finally, the harsh truth that men cannot be friends with women. their brains are wired for sex - sex here! sex there! sex everywhere! and believe me, your best guy friend wants to have sex with you. so when you think he’s listening, asking questions, empathizing with you about your period, hanging onto your every word....nope. he’s just hoping all his hard work will pay off with, well, i think i’ve made my point.


value the women in your life. trust and love them - i promise, it’s worth it.
liz, al, linds, jackie - so fun, thanks!

March 28, 2010

getting ready gets the gold

if there’s one thing i’ve learned from my sister it’s how to get out of housework. she is the queen of this sneak play and the rules have always evaded my painstakingly honest inclinations.

im sitting at my desk, in my room, as my mother vacuums and cleans the family room. she is basically cleaning up after my dog and her cat - the two hairiest kids on the planet. and i should be out there, helping. but instead, i’m here - pretending to still be getting ready to go out shopping.

my sister takes the longest showers and takes the longest to get ready. i always thought it was just her way but i’ve come to understand that she is not just extremely indulgent and indecisive (though she may be a little of these things - but really, so am i) it’s that she knows if she keeps changing her mind and taking the time to find the perfect adornments, she doesn’t have to clean the house.

it took me 28 years to learn what my sister learned in 17. i should really start taking notes.

p.s. i'm totally lying about only learning one thing from her...she also taught me how to envy her hair.

March 25, 2010

the daily mention

best song to dance to in the middle of the work day.
seriously, get up and groove it out. 
you know you want to

March 24, 2010

on wearing jeans a tad too tight

while getting dressed:

I wonder if I can get into these…
ok, buttoning that was not easy BUT they're on, they make my ass look decent and I can still breathe (kinda)
must find flowy, distracting, attractive top
hmm, if I stand up straight and suck it in, I can totally pull this off
AND if I do these things, I'm basically working out all day!
which will then make me fit into these better because I'll have lost weight from being so active!
…and if they stretch out some throughout the day, it's all good things from there.

driving to work:

goddamn, these are tight.
seriously, something is not right
is this how you get a yeast infection?
unbutton top button.

at work:

forgot top button was undone.
good thing I'm wearing this super flowy, attractive top to hide the evidence

these jeans make me want to eat less, take note.
they also make me wish I had sweatpants on right now.

at home in 2 hours:

thrown on the floor, in an awkward pile after peeling them off
happy body.

you get me, right jess?

March 11, 2010

american pile

i hate american idol.

oh, how i hate it so.

lilly just got kicked off in place of that little katie girl who sings like any other choir chick from high school.

the judges give the most ridiculous feedback.

america, seriously?! you just picked the cute little girl over actual talent. 

 hi, i'm lilly and i can sing. 
i can also play instruments. yes, i have talent. 

hi, i'm katie and i'm super cute. 
like a little teddy bear you can squeeze. 
i wear sparkles and pink and weeeee!

i hate you, american idol. 
you and your dumb voters.

the end.

March 10, 2010

forgetful friends, like me.

yesterday was my good friend kelly's birthday. I need to call her soon. because you see, I forgot.

I kept reminding myself all the days before: call the kelly on the 9th, call her on the 9th you crazy, forgetful person!
and of course, yesterday came and went with no call. I worked all day, wrote the date down on numerous documents. but still, I forgot.

I woke up this morning and said aloud: aw, damnit!
so then I thought ok, I'll call her on my way to work. but then I started listening to talk radio and forgot all about it.

either I'm getting old or I've always been like this. I can't remember. oh, ha. um, yeah.

the thing about getting older is that we all start to create our own lives. all of a sudden we're adults and we can't plan our weekends around the sleep over at a friend's house. we find it difficult to even schedule a monthly…YEARLY dinner, brunch, lunch, SOMETHING together. 

I'd like to think that even when so much time passes before we see or talk to one another, we are still those best friends from elementary school, middle school, high school. that the next time we talk, it's like we never left at all.

happy belated kel. 
 rough sketch of us back in high school. 
hands and feet are for the birds.

{must call her. right after I post this…}

March 1, 2010

so this is a case of mondays, huh?

today is SO one of those days. those days where NOTHING goes right, where everyone is out to get you and where you'd rather poke your eye out with a flaming hot stick of splintered wood than keep living this life.

oh and let's just expound a little on it, shall we?

exhibit a: got up and felt like someone ran over me with a semi-truck. back all out of motherfuckin' whack.

exhibit b: my appointment to see the ONLY half-decent condo this morning was canceled. so now, I have to wait who knows how long to see it and potentially rent it out. because ya know, I need to move out my mom's garage.
what? you didn't know I lived in my mother's garage!? yeah, add that one to the list.

exhibit c: there was a water main break just off the 15N. ya know, that pretty little freeway I take for at least 45 minutes to work every morning. I came into the office a little late today.

exhibit d: got to work in a shit storm of busy-naasss. there is so much for me to do that my brain might have actually fallen out of my head today and crawled off. crawled off into the corner and hid, crying and biting her nails in terror.

exhibit e: I'm still fat.

and exhibit f: the only…..OH!

fucking balls. I just got ink all over my goddamn sweater.