February 9, 2010

when pictures speak.

late at night in a town far, far away, i share with you some photos on record from the latest happenings ‘round hurr.


the other day, I decided to get up a little earlier and take the train downtown to work. From the station, I walked for a bit...


last weekend, I joined some pals in Lake Arrowhead/Big Bear for some good, drunken, playful fun. Then I got a cloud itch during the drive home. 
all scratched.

Mims, Hank and I ventured out to the Oceanside swap meet recently. We found some cool shiz.


I went to the grocery store and was further reminded that the hank is where i belong.

and this far away town just happens to be Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. A work trip that has so far supplied me with planes, dunkin donuts and snow {LAWTS of it} 

and now, i'm sitting in my hotel bed, wearing my maine sweatshirt covered in a few of easton's hairs and old spice to remind me of the ones i love. 



  1. I meant to comment earlier...

    There is no lovelier backdrop than a creepy abductor's van. Glad we got out of there alive!

  2. that is so true. i had hoped for a better scene but your pose won out on that one.