February 14, 2010

a sunday by any other name...

would be just as sweet.

i’m sitting out on our deck, in an oversized wicker chair with soft, deep cushions. my feet are resting on the matching ottoman.

hank is sitting on the love seat next to me, playing his guitar. right now, he’s alternating between chords trying to find the most delicious progression. he started to play landslide earlier and i had to ask him to stop because i started crying...per the usual. i love that he learned it though...just for me.

easton keeps running up here to see what we’re doing. he sits and stares at us for a bit and then runs off to play in the yard. right now, he’s looking in the neighbor’s direction, at something imperceptible to me.

the wind is casually blowing through our hair and the breeze is lightly tickling our faces. the sun is shining and i can hear the leaves bristling and the birds chirping. 


this is our valentine’s day. and i could not be happier or more in love with this moment.

enjoy this sunday.
with so much to love around us, we all can find our own kind of valentine.


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  1. What a beautiful Valentine's Day! Did you enjoy our amazing weather even more than the rest of us after all that cold snow in NJ? :) Hope to see you again soon!