February 16, 2010

a scene in the life

when you can quote a movie to those around you and they recognize the source, it’s pretty effing awesome. you feel a connection to them, you have something in common, you’ve experienced the same things in the past, you relate.

when a scene from a movie actually plays out in real life, it’s like hitting the jackpot.  and if there are people around to notice what happened...well, then you might as well just die then. because it doesn’t get any better.

3 coworkers in an office. 2 men and 1 woman.
they sit at desks in a line, all facing the same way, toward their computers.
man 1 breaks the silence to ask woman a question, a rather random one at that.

man 1: do you know who ella fitzgerald is?

woman: of course.

man 1: says here that she could break glass with her voice. i guess she was on a commercial in the 80’s where she did it. i’m gonna look that up.

man 2: oh yeah, i remember hearing about that. my wife’s father used to own a bar that played that kind of music. ya know, like billie holiday and stuff.

woman: oh yeah, billie holiday. [to man 1] do you know billie holiday?

man 1: yeah, i’m pretty sure i’ve heard of him.

luckily, none of the woman’s clueless obsessed friends were there to witness this glorious event. 

because they'd like totally have to kill themselves. 


  1. This definitely made up for the backwards toilet paper roll...and also Man 1's practicing of the adage "yellow, let it mellow".

  2. I knew it was a clueless moment before I even finished reading. That movie was my everything in middle school. Ha!

  3. Ha! I make that joke all the time...Love that scene...love the whole dang movie...
    So funny!

  4. mims: mellowing yellow is never ok at work.

    meg: me too! um, it kinda still is...

    lena: haha! keep it alive - it is so great.