February 2, 2010

rollin' right, rollin' tight

today I walked into the office bathroom and noticed someone had replaced the paper roll "incorrectly" - that is to say, with the paper coming from the underside of the roll. um, helloooo!

my first instinct was to fix it myself so that no one else would have to endure the absurdity of the situation, but then I thought…wait for it…maybe my way isn't the right way. GAsP!!!! I know, I know, it's unlikely. I'm tempted even to take a poll in the office to get an honest survey of opinion on the topic. I will most surely find support in my fellow office ass-wipers.

The paper direction discussion is most certainly not a new one and has come up multiple times in my life - between friends, family, roommates, etc. Most recently, I've even noticed a big toilet paper brand is approaching the issue in their commercials. - which in my opinion is freaking amazing. to 1. engage your customers by asking for their personal opinion and 2. to pick up on a kind of grass roots debate is so snazzy of them. [now, if I could just remember which brand it is so that I may reward them…]

Anywho, how do you roll [un-roll?] readers, over or under?  
finding this image on google search is such vindication of my point of view. holla!


  1. That photo is the WRONG way and you better get used to it because someone at the office always puts it on that way. If it's on the RIGHT way, it's because I changed it. Oy!

  2. well, unfortunately, I do it the wrong way, but I have a reasoning for it - if I put the toilet paper on the roll in which is it "over," my cat finds it necessary to play with it and disassemble the entire roll. with it "under," her can't get his grubby little paws on the loose end to unroll it. :D

  3. mandee: completely understood...and forgiven. cats are rascals like that...usually my sister, chloe the cat, only goes for the water in the bowl next to the paper.