February 22, 2010

pandora's blog. my apologies.

sometimes i want to start multiple blogs for different purposes.
one for everyday life stuff
one for my more offensive opinions
one for all the things i love
one for pretty pictures
one for reviews

the list goes on and on.

i want to do this for a few reasons.
    to keep things focused
    to have multiple blogs to design and use pretty fonts and colors

but really, the biggest reason is so that i can control how people see me. so that i can anonymously say things that may be offensive to others. so that i can be completely honest and still have friends tomorrow.

but then i think:
    why can’t this place exist without focus? my brain is a jumbled frazzled nation - so should be my blog
    why can’t i change the colors and fonts and pretties whenever the fuck i want? - i like pretty things and i like change, deal with it.

and mostly, why can’t i be myself, my honest, dishonest, insecure, arrogant,  opinionated, curious, hilarious, ridiculous, nutty, optimistic, idealistic, searching, right, wrong self?

oh wait, i can.

i kinda, sorta hate this post.
it’s like an explained disclaimer.


the guy from that carl’s jr. grilled cheese commercial looks like fred armisen.

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