February 21, 2010


watching the Olympics stresses me out. a lot.
seeing these people FLY down scary fast snow hills where they can fall at the drop of a hat, AND DO!!, is just too much for me to handle. 

i am not a fan.

on a positive note...
shows that do not stress me out:

keeping up with the kardashians, the finale

i love the kardashians.  i think it’s because they kinda, sorta remind me of my family - not because we’re rich and gorgeous and successful, but because we have dark hair, my sister and i have a younger brother that could resemble rob aaand we’re hilarious. now if i can only figure out how to translate these uncanny similarities into the same life. 

oh, one difference i do acknowledge...not having a doucher face boyfriend like scott. seriously, why is he always wearing those lame ass suits and shoulder sweaters?! fuck those sweaters.

sidenote: on more than three hundred occasions, i have been told i look like kourtney - is my hair line really that low!? guess so...

guiliana and bill

i don’t know why but i like these two together. and she speaks italian and that makes me envy her. duh.

house hunters

um, yeah. im sure i need not explain this one. its right up there with property virgins, for rent, moving up, etCETera.

the deep end

has everyone started watching this show yet? it’s basically the law version of grey’s anatomy and i loves it. best feature: the chick from corrina, corrina is all grown up and the cutest little lawyer ever. i keep hoping she turns a stoplight green by blowing at it...

chick apparently = tina majorino, also in napoleon dynamite.

spindustry, the premiere

this show is completely lame. it is dumb and dum and just plain dumm. buuut, it does allow me to perfect my LA valley girl accent. just copy these people and you’re well on your way to becoming famous for no reason! voila! HOH MAI GAWD!

isn't this guy kojo?! 
why does everyone in hollywood look the same?

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