February 11, 2010

the new adventures of old hair tricks

i recently went out and cleaned myself up a bit. and the thing about new haircuts is that they can be quite tricky. they don’t behave like your old, long, fried-to-all-hell hair used to and sometimes that’s a good thing. where other times, it can be baaaad.

i’m still undecided on today’s hair events but the more i look at these pictures, the more i kind of love it. i have always said that all i want in life is wild, big, crazy, curly hair.

today, i took one big fatty step in the right direction.

i used to {clearly, still do} twirl my hair in pieces around my finger and then pin them up, keeping them there until they dry. and it used to come out in fun, bouncy tendrils that neatly camouflaged my scriggly scraggly ends.

today, without the length and the weight, things came out a little...

wider and wilder
(please forgive the totally rad work background)

am i still allowed to post the cliche warhol pics from photobooth?? 
heck yeah, you say!?! 
well, then...!!

 that side flippy indent is so rebellious.
good thing i immediately went out in public like this. 
you're welcome cheesecake factory of cherry hill, nj.


  1. va va voom. Love it Vic. I'm jealous!

  2. Vicki, Your hair looks great in these pictures! I didn't get to see it look like that! Do it again! Do it again! :)