February 10, 2010

jersey snow, not shore.

two, ten, ten.

ah, yet another date that i love this year. i’m loving the twenty ten so far, if only for the wondrous dates we’ve come across.

one other thing i’m loving is my current state, if only {phrase of the day!} because i have never been in a snow storm before, hence, have never had a snow day before and i’ve found my calling.

let me just say that snow days are awesomely awesome. granted, i’d love to be here with friends and the hank watching snow, playing in the snow, taking random pictures, eating lots of junk food -

instead of: sitting in my hotel room, ALONE, with no good television, hoping desperately that ellen comes on at 4pm to replace the incessant news about the snow, listening to scary ass “snow thunder” {a word just confirmed in existence by that incessant news about the snow}, also listening to scary ass noises coming from what i think are the cleaning ladies outside my room. good thing i placed that do not disturb junk on my door yesterday.

i will not have people cleaning up after me...unless i know them.

um, the news is calling their report: winter wallop.  i’m not going to lie, at first read, i thought that was pretty lame (ahem, nbc10) but the more i hear it, the more i’m keen on it. wallop, wallop, wallop.

dear north east, i am the snow and i am going to wallop your ass. {i just looked up wallop to see it used in a sentence. it told me to look up thump. - also a good word that no one uses enough.} i will thump and wallop you new jersey, i will!

more proof of the wallop and my boredom/amazement!

there's a building there. yesterday it was red. 

that's a highway bridge. can you see it? neither can i. 

that's some model in her hotel room. she works for clothes and shoes. 

the same model, outside in her regular clothes! a real trooper, i'd say. 

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  1. i heard about the thunder snow from my friend in philly - pretty wild stuff
    we're calling it "snow-verkill" in my neck of the woods