February 10, 2010

full house failed.

i just watched an episode of full house. because im that cool. and i would like to offer up for discussion, something that has bothered me since i was a wee thing, watching this at 8pm after dinner and before i went to bed on a school night.

the theme song.

there is a line where it totally sounds like the singer starts to say “waiting”, realizes he’s early so stops short and says instead “wuh” and then a second later, at the right time in the song, continues with “waaaaiting just around the beeeend...everywhere you look, everywhere, there’s a face, of somebody who neeeeeds you!” it happens just as the golden gate bridge is in shot. AND IT DRIVES ME NUTS!

i purposefully did not look this up because i may be completely wrong and there could be an actual word there that i’m not hearing but i’m not a masochist so without research, i declare this song a full house faux pas.

in other full house facts: i hate danny tanner.

20 seconds in - get ready for disappointment. also, it took me some time to to find this version of the song. apparently the show changed songs every freakin' season on me. of course i would notice the one fucked up version. does this mean i've been cynical since childhood...god, how depressing.


  1. Oh Vivs, it's just the end of the word "friend"...an extra pronounced "d" if you will. Don't be so hard on yourself! Or Danny Tanner...he was a single father raising three girls for Christ's sake. It'd make you a dorky weirdo too. Or a c#!ksucking cokehead.

    Just kidding, i love youuuuuu.

  2. P.S. The robot-killing code word i just had to type in to post that comment was "dyelanta". Does your blog know my stomach?!

  3. OH EM GEE.... I SO SO SO SO SO noticed that ALWAYS every. single. time. i watched. And when I would sing it with my friends, it's like...what do you do there? make a little noise then move on?

    P.S. I'm being ultra stalker-ish today and reading your old posts till present. Don't judge me.