February 2, 2010

double duty diary

a simple way to conjure up [not in the skeleton key way conjure - more in the whip up a batch of delicious chocolate cookies conjure] daily blog ideas is to open up your keel’s simple diary and choose a page.

i’m really not trying to push this on you, i promise.  i'm just all high on it at the moment and look at those pretty colors!!!

i’ve decided to choose a page at random and fill it out every day. the fact that i’m choosing pages at random and NOT in ORDER (!!!) is completely insane for me. like, off my rocker insane. it did make me slightly uncomfortable today and even writing about it now is making me sweat a little [which is not good because i forgot to wear deodorant today (this never happens to me) aaand i do NOT smell nice. hank earlier said...ew, your hand smells! as i was aimlessly rubbing my hand all over his face and teeth {don’t judge us!} and i said proudly, nah-uh! it’s my underarm with no deodorant, here, smell! after which he did and yes, confirmed that indeed it was not my hand]. but i figure a pushing of my psycho OCD limits can’t be all bad. and so randomly, i will diary. [verb?]

today, on lucky page...AH! there are no page numbers! oh sheezus, all this nonsense is making my stomach hurt. ok....ok.

so, today, the page i chose presented the following: {enjoy! it's super fun.}

your day was: () someone else’s () like two days () nowadays
    like two days, all the way! lots o work and lots o craziness and NO outside, hour long lunch...ahhh...twas deadly.

who gives the right advice? __________________
    the future me does. she always knows what would have been the best choice. and unless rufus shows up in a sweet ass time travelin’ telephone booth, i’m shit out of luck on the count of meeting her. visit me, future me!

elect your best physical feature from these candidates: () your forehead ()your nose () your shoulders ()your bellybutton () your thumbs () your knees
    i picked shoulders. they’re kinda small and they may be the only hint of my skeleton {what is up with the skelly theme??} still visible without an x-ray machine - ya know, cuz im a little hefty, hefty, hefty right now. unfortunately, that is only useful in trash bags and cage fighters. i am neither, despite what you've heard.

what is not finished?
    psh, everything.

heart stats (a) you are in love (b) you are not in love (c) it needs a break
it’s bearing just fine
    a - i am in love with a hank. - who just woke up under a pile of pillows and grunted at me. translation: why are you still awake, typing, watching property virgins and with that damn light on!?!

as a result: this post is ovaaaa, ya’ll.


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