February 2, 2010

the daily mention: does your dog duvet?

well, maybe they should!

story about this: for christmas, alllll the hank and I wanted to get easton was a new bed. we envisioned him all snuggly on his big fluffy pillow, enjoying a leisurely evening at the foot our couch. maybe he'd even be chewing on his favorite toy in complete contentment.

reality check : we bought him said comfy womfy bed and he enjoyed it for .2 minutes on christmas day. we placed it in his crate the next day while we went out for a few hours. when we returned, the bed was no longer a bed. the bed was a pile of cotton, filling and elastic. no, no, not a pile…more like a littering, a field of the material that had made up his new sleeping place. a shit storm of stuffing if you will.

and there he was, sitting in his crate like: "what this thing? I was hungry, sue me!"

SOOOO…I'm thinking that we'll have better luck with these ADORable doggie duvets from mollymutt.  They're not enticingly furry but they are enticingly stylish! and they can be easily washed, changed out, re-filled…the possibilities are endless!!

I've already purchased the value kit with 2 duvet covers and a stuff sack. and believe me when I say that I have MORE than enough clothing, bedding, pillows and misc. items to fill that bed right up to softness heaven. 

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