February 27, 2010

bringin' the beard

a mountain man once from vermont
clean and cut, i shan't be wont
sent to bear a life of sun
but let my beard ne'er be gone. 

February 24, 2010

who is justin bieber?

this little one knows the answer and apparently, he's enough to love. 

make sure to watch it all the way through. because what's 5 minutes of your time, really? I just spent 5 minutes staring off into space at my desk.

surely, watching this video is more productive.

February 22, 2010

pandora's blog. my apologies.

sometimes i want to start multiple blogs for different purposes.
one for everyday life stuff
one for my more offensive opinions
one for all the things i love
one for pretty pictures
one for reviews

the list goes on and on.

i want to do this for a few reasons.
    to keep things focused
    to have multiple blogs to design and use pretty fonts and colors

but really, the biggest reason is so that i can control how people see me. so that i can anonymously say things that may be offensive to others. so that i can be completely honest and still have friends tomorrow.

but then i think:
    why can’t this place exist without focus? my brain is a jumbled frazzled nation - so should be my blog
    why can’t i change the colors and fonts and pretties whenever the fuck i want? - i like pretty things and i like change, deal with it.

and mostly, why can’t i be myself, my honest, dishonest, insecure, arrogant,  opinionated, curious, hilarious, ridiculous, nutty, optimistic, idealistic, searching, right, wrong self?

oh wait, i can.

i kinda, sorta hate this post.
it’s like an explained disclaimer.


the guy from that carl’s jr. grilled cheese commercial looks like fred armisen.

the daily mention: chipotle!!!

for lunch today, coworkers mims and goaf joined me down at the local chip-ah-tottle.

and it was ah. maze. iNG!!! 

get the crispy vegetarian tacos! yeah!

make sure to add some guacaMOLE. so worth the cheddah!

eat there tomorrow and think of me.
because chances are, i’ll be there too.

February 21, 2010


watching the Olympics stresses me out. a lot.
seeing these people FLY down scary fast snow hills where they can fall at the drop of a hat, AND DO!!, is just too much for me to handle. 

i am not a fan.

on a positive note...
shows that do not stress me out:

keeping up with the kardashians, the finale

i love the kardashians.  i think it’s because they kinda, sorta remind me of my family - not because we’re rich and gorgeous and successful, but because we have dark hair, my sister and i have a younger brother that could resemble rob aaand we’re hilarious. now if i can only figure out how to translate these uncanny similarities into the same life. 

oh, one difference i do acknowledge...not having a doucher face boyfriend like scott. seriously, why is he always wearing those lame ass suits and shoulder sweaters?! fuck those sweaters.

sidenote: on more than three hundred occasions, i have been told i look like kourtney - is my hair line really that low!? guess so...

guiliana and bill

i don’t know why but i like these two together. and she speaks italian and that makes me envy her. duh.

house hunters

um, yeah. im sure i need not explain this one. its right up there with property virgins, for rent, moving up, etCETera.

the deep end

has everyone started watching this show yet? it’s basically the law version of grey’s anatomy and i loves it. best feature: the chick from corrina, corrina is all grown up and the cutest little lawyer ever. i keep hoping she turns a stoplight green by blowing at it...

chick apparently = tina majorino, also in napoleon dynamite.

spindustry, the premiere

this show is completely lame. it is dumb and dum and just plain dumm. buuut, it does allow me to perfect my LA valley girl accent. just copy these people and you’re well on your way to becoming famous for no reason! voila! HOH MAI GAWD!

isn't this guy kojo?! 
why does everyone in hollywood look the same?

February 18, 2010


i'm at la casa today, sick.

dirty jersey made me sick last week and it just will NOT go away. i feigned fine for three days and i gave up today. so, here i am, in bed.

still trying to get some work done, this computer has been glued to my lap since about 8am. luckily, it provides me with many beautiful things to adore via the interweb. here are a few of said things.



not so beautiful: snot drenched tissues piling up all around me

February 16, 2010

a scene in the life

when you can quote a movie to those around you and they recognize the source, it’s pretty effing awesome. you feel a connection to them, you have something in common, you’ve experienced the same things in the past, you relate.

when a scene from a movie actually plays out in real life, it’s like hitting the jackpot.  and if there are people around to notice what happened...well, then you might as well just die then. because it doesn’t get any better.

3 coworkers in an office. 2 men and 1 woman.
they sit at desks in a line, all facing the same way, toward their computers.
man 1 breaks the silence to ask woman a question, a rather random one at that.

man 1: do you know who ella fitzgerald is?

woman: of course.

man 1: says here that she could break glass with her voice. i guess she was on a commercial in the 80’s where she did it. i’m gonna look that up.

man 2: oh yeah, i remember hearing about that. my wife’s father used to own a bar that played that kind of music. ya know, like billie holiday and stuff.

woman: oh yeah, billie holiday. [to man 1] do you know billie holiday?

man 1: yeah, i’m pretty sure i’ve heard of him.

luckily, none of the woman’s clueless obsessed friends were there to witness this glorious event. 

because they'd like totally have to kill themselves. 

February 14, 2010

a sunday by any other name...

would be just as sweet.

i’m sitting out on our deck, in an oversized wicker chair with soft, deep cushions. my feet are resting on the matching ottoman.

hank is sitting on the love seat next to me, playing his guitar. right now, he’s alternating between chords trying to find the most delicious progression. he started to play landslide earlier and i had to ask him to stop because i started crying...per the usual. i love that he learned it though...just for me.

easton keeps running up here to see what we’re doing. he sits and stares at us for a bit and then runs off to play in the yard. right now, he’s looking in the neighbor’s direction, at something imperceptible to me.

the wind is casually blowing through our hair and the breeze is lightly tickling our faces. the sun is shining and i can hear the leaves bristling and the birds chirping. 


this is our valentine’s day. and i could not be happier or more in love with this moment.

enjoy this sunday.
with so much to love around us, we all can find our own kind of valentine.


February 11, 2010

the new adventures of old hair tricks

i recently went out and cleaned myself up a bit. and the thing about new haircuts is that they can be quite tricky. they don’t behave like your old, long, fried-to-all-hell hair used to and sometimes that’s a good thing. where other times, it can be baaaad.

i’m still undecided on today’s hair events but the more i look at these pictures, the more i kind of love it. i have always said that all i want in life is wild, big, crazy, curly hair.

today, i took one big fatty step in the right direction.

i used to {clearly, still do} twirl my hair in pieces around my finger and then pin them up, keeping them there until they dry. and it used to come out in fun, bouncy tendrils that neatly camouflaged my scriggly scraggly ends.

today, without the length and the weight, things came out a little...

wider and wilder
(please forgive the totally rad work background)

am i still allowed to post the cliche warhol pics from photobooth?? 
heck yeah, you say!?! 
well, then...!!

 that side flippy indent is so rebellious.
good thing i immediately went out in public like this. 
you're welcome cheesecake factory of cherry hill, nj.

February 10, 2010

full house failed.

i just watched an episode of full house. because im that cool. and i would like to offer up for discussion, something that has bothered me since i was a wee thing, watching this at 8pm after dinner and before i went to bed on a school night.

the theme song.

there is a line where it totally sounds like the singer starts to say “waiting”, realizes he’s early so stops short and says instead “wuh” and then a second later, at the right time in the song, continues with “waaaaiting just around the beeeend...everywhere you look, everywhere, there’s a face, of somebody who neeeeeds you!” it happens just as the golden gate bridge is in shot. AND IT DRIVES ME NUTS!

i purposefully did not look this up because i may be completely wrong and there could be an actual word there that i’m not hearing but i’m not a masochist so without research, i declare this song a full house faux pas.

in other full house facts: i hate danny tanner.

20 seconds in - get ready for disappointment. also, it took me some time to to find this version of the song. apparently the show changed songs every freakin' season on me. of course i would notice the one fucked up version. does this mean i've been cynical since childhood...god, how depressing.

more snow day diversions

a new color coded career test brought to me by the lovely sarah
(read her blog, it's fun!)

apparently, i’m a creator and an organizer. a big ol’ yep and word up to that. 
i’m glad creator was first because my organizing ways sound sooo boring. (kinda like this snow day)


Best Occupational Category

You're a CREATOR

Nonconforming, Impulsive, Expressive, Romantic, Intuitive, Sensitive, and Emotional
These original types place a high value on aesthetic qualities and have a great need for self-expression. They enjoy working independently, being creative, using their imagination, and constantly learning something new. Fields of interest are art, drama, music, and writing or places where they can express, assemble, or implement creative ideas. CREATOR OCCUPATIONS
Suggested careers are Advertising Executive, Architect, Web Designer, Creative Director, Public Relations, Fine or Commercial Artist, Interior Decorator, Lawyer, Librarian, Musician, Reporter, Art Teacher, Broadcaster, Technical Writer, English Teacher, Architect, Photographer, Medical Illustrator, Corporate Trainer, Author, Editor, Landscape Architect, Exhibit Builder, and Package Designer.

2nd Best Occupational Category


Self-Control, Practical, Self-Contained, Orderly, Systematic, Precise, and Accurate
These conservative appearing, plotting-types enjoy organizing, data systems, accounting, detail, and accuracy. They often enjoy mathematics and data management activities such as accounting and investment management. Persistence and patience allows them to do detailed paperwork, operate office machines, write business reports, and make charts and graphs.

tdm: media whores

purple fashion loves lindsay "jesus" lohan

the church of lindsay? 

jersey snow, not shore.

two, ten, ten.

ah, yet another date that i love this year. i’m loving the twenty ten so far, if only for the wondrous dates we’ve come across.

one other thing i’m loving is my current state, if only {phrase of the day!} because i have never been in a snow storm before, hence, have never had a snow day before and i’ve found my calling.

let me just say that snow days are awesomely awesome. granted, i’d love to be here with friends and the hank watching snow, playing in the snow, taking random pictures, eating lots of junk food -

instead of: sitting in my hotel room, ALONE, with no good television, hoping desperately that ellen comes on at 4pm to replace the incessant news about the snow, listening to scary ass “snow thunder” {a word just confirmed in existence by that incessant news about the snow}, also listening to scary ass noises coming from what i think are the cleaning ladies outside my room. good thing i placed that do not disturb junk on my door yesterday.

i will not have people cleaning up after me...unless i know them.

um, the news is calling their report: winter wallop.  i’m not going to lie, at first read, i thought that was pretty lame (ahem, nbc10) but the more i hear it, the more i’m keen on it. wallop, wallop, wallop.

dear north east, i am the snow and i am going to wallop your ass. {i just looked up wallop to see it used in a sentence. it told me to look up thump. - also a good word that no one uses enough.} i will thump and wallop you new jersey, i will!

more proof of the wallop and my boredom/amazement!

there's a building there. yesterday it was red. 

that's a highway bridge. can you see it? neither can i. 

that's some model in her hotel room. she works for clothes and shoes. 

the same model, outside in her regular clothes! a real trooper, i'd say. 

February 9, 2010

when pictures speak.

late at night in a town far, far away, i share with you some photos on record from the latest happenings ‘round hurr.


the other day, I decided to get up a little earlier and take the train downtown to work. From the station, I walked for a bit...


last weekend, I joined some pals in Lake Arrowhead/Big Bear for some good, drunken, playful fun. Then I got a cloud itch during the drive home. 
all scratched.

Mims, Hank and I ventured out to the Oceanside swap meet recently. We found some cool shiz.


I went to the grocery store and was further reminded that the hank is where i belong.

and this far away town just happens to be Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. A work trip that has so far supplied me with planes, dunkin donuts and snow {LAWTS of it} 

and now, i'm sitting in my hotel bed, wearing my maine sweatshirt covered in a few of easton's hairs and old spice to remind me of the ones i love. 


February 5, 2010

you're welcome

because it's Friday and I'm heading out soon to enjoy the snow up on ol' big bear mountain, I'll keep this short and leave you with what is (in my educated opinion) one of the best jokes {and movies?} EVER.  thank you bill murray, as always. 

enjoy! have a superfantastical weekend. 

February 4, 2010

the truth about hair

walking in at 11pm after a hair appt.

me: do you like my hair?
hank: yeah, i like it.
me: oh really? cool!
hank: yeah, it looks really nice.
me: what do you like about it?
hank: it like, makes you look less dirty.


February 2, 2010

the daily mention: does your dog duvet?

well, maybe they should!

story about this: for christmas, alllll the hank and I wanted to get easton was a new bed. we envisioned him all snuggly on his big fluffy pillow, enjoying a leisurely evening at the foot our couch. maybe he'd even be chewing on his favorite toy in complete contentment.

reality check : we bought him said comfy womfy bed and he enjoyed it for .2 minutes on christmas day. we placed it in his crate the next day while we went out for a few hours. when we returned, the bed was no longer a bed. the bed was a pile of cotton, filling and elastic. no, no, not a pile…more like a littering, a field of the material that had made up his new sleeping place. a shit storm of stuffing if you will.

and there he was, sitting in his crate like: "what this thing? I was hungry, sue me!"

SOOOO…I'm thinking that we'll have better luck with these ADORable doggie duvets from mollymutt.  They're not enticingly furry but they are enticingly stylish! and they can be easily washed, changed out, re-filled…the possibilities are endless!!

I've already purchased the value kit with 2 duvet covers and a stuff sack. and believe me when I say that I have MORE than enough clothing, bedding, pillows and misc. items to fill that bed right up to softness heaven. 

rollin' right, rollin' tight

today I walked into the office bathroom and noticed someone had replaced the paper roll "incorrectly" - that is to say, with the paper coming from the underside of the roll. um, helloooo!

my first instinct was to fix it myself so that no one else would have to endure the absurdity of the situation, but then I thought…wait for it…maybe my way isn't the right way. GAsP!!!! I know, I know, it's unlikely. I'm tempted even to take a poll in the office to get an honest survey of opinion on the topic. I will most surely find support in my fellow office ass-wipers.

The paper direction discussion is most certainly not a new one and has come up multiple times in my life - between friends, family, roommates, etc. Most recently, I've even noticed a big toilet paper brand is approaching the issue in their commercials. - which in my opinion is freaking amazing. to 1. engage your customers by asking for their personal opinion and 2. to pick up on a kind of grass roots debate is so snazzy of them. [now, if I could just remember which brand it is so that I may reward them…]

Anywho, how do you roll [un-roll?] readers, over or under?  
finding this image on google search is such vindication of my point of view. holla!

double duty diary

a simple way to conjure up [not in the skeleton key way conjure - more in the whip up a batch of delicious chocolate cookies conjure] daily blog ideas is to open up your keel’s simple diary and choose a page.

i’m really not trying to push this on you, i promise.  i'm just all high on it at the moment and look at those pretty colors!!!

i’ve decided to choose a page at random and fill it out every day. the fact that i’m choosing pages at random and NOT in ORDER (!!!) is completely insane for me. like, off my rocker insane. it did make me slightly uncomfortable today and even writing about it now is making me sweat a little [which is not good because i forgot to wear deodorant today (this never happens to me) aaand i do NOT smell nice. hank earlier said...ew, your hand smells! as i was aimlessly rubbing my hand all over his face and teeth {don’t judge us!} and i said proudly, nah-uh! it’s my underarm with no deodorant, here, smell! after which he did and yes, confirmed that indeed it was not my hand]. but i figure a pushing of my psycho OCD limits can’t be all bad. and so randomly, i will diary. [verb?]

today, on lucky page...AH! there are no page numbers! oh sheezus, all this nonsense is making my stomach hurt. ok....ok.

so, today, the page i chose presented the following: {enjoy! it's super fun.}

your day was: () someone else’s () like two days () nowadays
    like two days, all the way! lots o work and lots o craziness and NO outside, hour long lunch...ahhh...twas deadly.

who gives the right advice? __________________
    the future me does. she always knows what would have been the best choice. and unless rufus shows up in a sweet ass time travelin’ telephone booth, i’m shit out of luck on the count of meeting her. visit me, future me!

elect your best physical feature from these candidates: () your forehead ()your nose () your shoulders ()your bellybutton () your thumbs () your knees
    i picked shoulders. they’re kinda small and they may be the only hint of my skeleton {what is up with the skelly theme??} still visible without an x-ray machine - ya know, cuz im a little hefty, hefty, hefty right now. unfortunately, that is only useful in trash bags and cage fighters. i am neither, despite what you've heard.

what is not finished?
    psh, everything.

heart stats (a) you are in love (b) you are not in love (c) it needs a break
it’s bearing just fine
    a - i am in love with a hank. - who just woke up under a pile of pillows and grunted at me. translation: why are you still awake, typing, watching property virgins and with that damn light on!?!

as a result: this post is ovaaaa, ya’ll.