January 20, 2010

tdm: music

i used to peruse myspace for new and obscure music [see: the weepies] i miss those days. i should start up again and if i do, i can promise/threaten that daily mentions will subsist almost entirely on musical props. because once i get going, i can get slightly obsessed.

tonight, though - a few oldie but goodies from the vault.

i am recommending grizzly bear's two weeks. why? because this song is fucking amazing AND the video puts you in a trance. go ahead, i dare you to look away.

hank offers up portugal the man's 1989 though he cautions that the rest of their music "sucks ass"

dude, that video snapshot freaks me out big time. gaaahhkjsnbgoubkjjlklmklm!!!!

try to ignore the scary masked menkies.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for lulling me into a trance! I'm now going to see if I can drive a tractor to snap out of it! hehehehe