January 17, 2010

sunday night in my room

im sitting down, getting comfortable, ready to start watching 500 days of summer with the hank. and seeing how our main character, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, was nominated for a golden globe for this very movie (though he didn't win - which you would know if you watched the globes earlier today, did you watch too??) makes me even more eager to see what all the fuss is about.

it starts with one of my favorite regina spektor songs [us] =  yipeeeee!

to my right lies a topless hank. he sips a coke zero and holds it with 2 hands.
i. love. him.
interject! up the minute, direct hank quote: how does this not have any calories?

im compelled to repeat myself: i. love. him.
and apparently, he loves coke zero.

to my left sits a scrum-didily-umptous bowl of strawberry ice cream. it is covered in hershey’s chocolate syrup that reportedly expired in october of 2009. i pondered the potential hazards of this for 5.2 seconds in front of the refrigerator, only to decide that it would be worth any resulting stomach pains. turns out, i was right. did i already say scrum-didily-umptous??

zooey deschanel just said anal girl.

we spent the weekend in LA with my pater, where i got a pedicure with the only essie nail polish in the salon, went vintage shop walkin’ and stood by while my dawg shit, puked and pissed himself crazy all over their house. [i’m sorry pater and step-mater - i hope that resolve really works]!!!

please enjoy these pieces of proof. guten night.

all of these images were taken in another fabulous fullerton shop - the brick basement [as the image above implies]

p.s. day 118 of 500 made the movie. oh, and Carla Bruni. check out Quelqu’un M’a Dit


  1. i know, right. carla bruni, who woulda thunk it?! still would love to slap sarkozy though

    how good was 500 days of summer?!
    whoop whoop

  2. Oi! I so need to rent this now, damnnit.