January 19, 2010

The Random Hank

My name is Brian aka "the Hank." Not only is this my first random snake effort of the vickichristine blog, but it is my first blog ever!

For those of you who are not aware, my sense of humor is fairly dry and my joke telling is, well, sub-par of sub-par.

although.... many can attest to the few random gems that flow right out of the blue and into the hearts and souls of those who least expect it. This is what I aim to do with the Random Hank.


I suggest/predict that this one go global, maybe even make it onto late-night TV. It's called...

La Playa on La Playa

I was searching for a new place to live for the 3 of us in San Diego. The usual routine is to look on Craigslist, find the address, and go to Google Maps to see if the place is in a desirable neighborhood. you all know the drill.

In the midst of my search I came across a posting in San Diego on Promontory@La Playa ave, hit up Google Maps and here's what I found....(you can find it too)

I suggest that if you see a car like this....

you stop any transaction dead in its tracks and 'be cool'. you may be caught on candid camera like this playa.


*By the way, any post that humiliates me or talks about my knowledge of current events and pop culture on this blog is completely untrue. I don't know anything about the Bachelor as future posts may suggest*

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  1. My favorite line - you stop any transaction dead in its tracks and 'be cool'!

    So great! I hope to read more of "The Random Hank" in the future.