January 31, 2010


dear grammy and co.: i don’t like how i must own 3-d glasses to watch a this michael jackson tribute performance. i can just imagine how cool that hummingbird would look in my living room with me. or shamu! c’mon!

carrie underwood can get down. this may be a turning moment in our relationship. carrie, let’s be friends.

note: 3-d television without the appropriate eyewear looks like old film from the 70's. i could actually get used to this.

i just bought my keel’s simple diary. (in blue!) now, not only do i have to find the time to blog, i get to keep a diary! ridiculous you say?

au contraire...

the simple diary is just that. asking you to label your day with one of the 3 options listed, some nonsensical sayings or questions, a tidbit of philosophy and inspiration that will undoubtedly make you view each day from a new angle. it offers limits for how you’ll describe the daily experience and let me tell you, with all the shizz going on in my life, i welcome limits of this sort.

oh simple diary, lead me in your direction, be my keel’s heel!

in other redonkulous news: it's freakin' february tomorrow. sheewww.

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  1. Mehhhh, it this isn't pre-1987 music, I don't care...hahahaha