January 20, 2010

the daily mention: swaying sanders

mayor sanders of san diego testified today in san francisco to challenge the constitutionality of prop 8. this is good news.

mayor sanders is a republican and has historically been in staunch support of proposition 8 and all of its (puke! spit! ahem..) glory, until……………………………shocker!!!!!!!!!

his daughter reveals to him that she is a lesbian.

so mini props to the mayor for supporting his daughter. way to not follow in the ugly footsteps of his conservative counterpart, cheney poopy head. way to publicly stand up for your daughter’s rights. way to take a chance and try your hand at a change of heart.

but all props aside, why couldn’t he have seen the injustice in this awful, horrible, embarrassing, ridiculous, exclusionary proposition before? i would like to assume he is an intelligent, educated civil servant, and yet, it took a family member to sway him, to open his eyes, to convince him to take action.

i hope that this is a lesson to those who forget that everyone deserves the same basic rights. marriage is about love. let’s just leave it at that.

thanks mayor sanders. it took you long enough, but justice, like most things, is better late than never.

...though sooner is better than later in this case. REPEAL PROP 8 in 2010! (i’ve been seeing these posters all over hillcrest, now where can i get me one?!?)


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