January 27, 2010

the daily mention: the show

do you live in san diego? do you drive a car? a car that has a radio? a radio that tunes to fm105.3?

you dooo!?

well, then you know that today’s daily mention is something to be celebrated. it is the morning talk show that has very recently been announced as: the show.

the show was formerly known to the san diego public as the mikey show. mikey has since left, reportedly due to contract conflicts?? - and might i say, HALLELUJAH!

the mikey show was very popular among morning radio listeners and so i was familiar with it. i even used to listen to it every morning back in old 2006. i finally gave it up when i realized i was coming into work angry and frustrated by the pighead that was mikey, the show’s bossy, long-winded, preachy to all hell host and leader.

i LOVE me some talk radio but if i wanted to listen to angry conservatives, i would tune into rush limpweiner or for the opinion of the religious congregation, the 700 club o' sheep. but please, when driving to work every morning, i prefer hugs of humor and buckets of laughter, not close-minded lessons from the jeebus crew.

and now, sans mikey, the show is a fabulous place to get some great entertainment. fun that appeals to everyone, that is not geared toward any one group. oh, how very inclusive of them!

 i’m so very excited to proclaim the show as vickichristine’s second favorite talk radio gig! hooray!
(sorry but no one beats kpbs/npr [see: my license plate holder] - it’s where i get the juice, yo!)

thanks guys for keeping on and making san diego proud. (oh yeah, and if you ever need a stand-in, i’m totally available. call me!)

no, seriously, call me.

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