January 6, 2010

the daily mention - numero uno!

I like a lot of jazz. Everyday it seems I come across something that I want to scream about from the top of the hills - to spread to all the word of how lovely said thing is. 

And so, ahem, I'm going to embark on my first daily blog endeavor (aside from the one where I sit in front of my computer trying to make some part of my day interesting enough to write about...er.). I am deeming this lofty goal:  the daily mention. 

Hopefully these little loves of mine will be received with smiling delight and amusement! And if not, at least this can be my hill - from where I scream. CHECK OUT THIS SHIT! YOU MIGHT LOVE IT!!! AHHHH!

loves of the day

euphoria by calvin klein  - spread your scent!

p.d.a. (we just dont care) by john legend - go have sex in public!

clearly, fonts are another love of mine today. look! american typewriter!


1 comment:

  1. just finished perusing through many of your blogs babe...i find you and them interesting...i love your take and no holds barred commentaries on all sorts of shit! enjoy your individuality...you trip me out and make me smile at the same time. xoxo